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Snap-on and Screw-on RF Connectors at Radiall

septembre 2020

Radiall designs and manufactures a wide range of RF coaxial connectors to satisfy and exceed industry specifications and customer needs. Our product offering includes over 20 RF connector series, as well as custom solutions designed to support applications when standard products won’t cut it. In this Insights post, we’re going to take a look at Radiall’s snap-on and screw-on RF connectors, their features and applications.

Snap-on Connectors

Connectors with snap-on coupling mechanisms are ideal for connections in small spaces and dense environments. The snap-on feature makes them extremely simple to mate and unmate. Additionally, these tool-less connectors can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it easier to connect and orient a right-angle plug to a receptacle. One weakness of snap-on connectors is the higher potential of accidentally unmating them.

Radiall’s Snap-on Connectors

Radiall offers a broad range of snap-on connectors, including ones suited for high-volume applications such as Wi-Fi access points, GPS and mobile devices (MML). We’ve highlighted two of our popular snap-on connector series below.

  • SMB Connectors
    The SMB connector series consists of lightweight, subminiature snap-on connectors designed for high-density packaging applications up to 4 GHz. In addition to connectors, the series includes cable plugs and jacks with bulkhead and panel mount configurations, multiple receptacle options and in-series and between-series adapters.

    Radiall’s SMB connectors are ideal for mobile communication systems, civil and military telecommunications, aeronautics applications and automotive applications. See our SMB catalog for additional details.

  • MMCX Connectors
    Our MMCX connector series consists of microminiature snap-on connectors that operate in the DC – 6 GHz range. The series is designed for wire-to-PCB applications with limited space above the PCB.

    These connectors are ideal for wireless telecom, RF test ports and medical applications. Learn more about MMCX and similar connectors in our MMCX catalog.

Screw-on Connectors

Unlike snap-on connectors, screw-on connectors aren’t easy to accidentally mate or mate. Although these connectors take longer to install than other connector types, the screw technology provides a more secure connection and makes these connectors great for harsh environments. A wrench is typically needed to apply the right torque.

Screw-on connectors are ideal for Test & Measurement applications due to their robust connection and strong electrical performance. They are also used in telecom and military applications.

Radiall’s Screw-on Connectors

Radiall offers 15 different screw-on connector series to meet customer needs. This product range includes high voltage connectors, microminiature connectors, high power connectors and more. Keep reading to learn about some of them. 

  • SMA Connectors
    Our stainless steel SMA connectors are ideal for RF connections with frequencies up to 18 GHz, or extended frequencies up to 26.5 GHz using our precision SMA connectors. They were designed for applications that require reliability, durability, robustness and high frequency. This range of connectors is extremely wide; it includes connectors for flexible and semi-rigid cables, panel and PCB mount receptacles, press mount, microstrip, universal, through-hole pins and end-launch connectors. Read more about Radiall’s SMA connector series.

  • NEX10 Connectors
    The NEX10 connector series brings high power and low intermodulation together in a small form factor. NEX10 is extremely robust, making it ideal for outdoor environments. It features a compact design and exceptional performance up to 20 GHz. Read more about Radiall’s NEX10 connector series.

Snap-on and screw-on connectors are just a small part of our extensive range of RF connectors. Be sure to check out the rest of our RF connector range, and use our new chat feature to ask us any product questions you have in real-time.

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