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Radiall Focuses on Customer Support, Leading to Mutual Success

September 2023

In recent years, the aviation industry had concerns about the 5G cellular rollout and potential radio altimeter interference. 

Radiall sales staff contacted one of our aerospace customers to support any redesign or modification of products. At the time, it was thought that no action would be needed. A few months passed, and due to material shortages, a newer 5G-compliant radio altimeter was unable to be produced. This customer reaches out about newly designed coaxial cable assemblies to support a modification on an older altimeter.

Daily engagement between the Radiall team and this customer identified areas where we could support each other to solve this problem. New cables that supported both new production of an older altimeter and retrofits in the field were designed. Our customer supported us by helping to expedite sources, and Radiall Obregón worked overtime to produce the parts needed. 

“In my nearly 40 years of doing supply chain activities and working to foster customer/supplier partnerships, my desire has never been to promote an adversarial relationship. Nobody wins with that,” said Bob Robitaille, Senior Account Manager with Radiall USA. "Sometimes, hard work is needed to ensure successful relationships. Commitment by both parties is a must. When teams work together, everyone can win.”

Bob collaborated with Radiall Inside Sales Representative Adriana Garcia to provide a high level of service and timely communication in this situation. Our customer agrees that communication is key in situations like this:

The communication from Radiall is greatly appreciated. Radiall is very timely in its responses, and the requested updates are also answered thoroughly, leaving no further questions. I appreciate and enjoy the continued support and partnership that Radiall provides. It has been a pleasure working with you both thus far, and I am excited to continue growing the relationship further!

Radiall strives to help all of our customers solve their problems and meet unique needs to work through challenges. By coming together and problem solving, Radiall and our customer were able to overcome material availability issues and create a solution that meets the needs of customers around the world.