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Preserving Our Planet (Earth Day 2022)

avril 2022

The focus of this year’s Earth Day is to act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably. At Radiall, we know that what we do makes an impact. That’s why one of the focuses of our company’s purpose is to preserve our planet. Let’s take a look at some of the steps our employees are taking to preserve our planet.

Climate Fresk

Climate Fresk is an initiative that Radiall has joined to learn and spread awareness about the causes and consequences of climate change. Trained employees host internal workshops to teach coworkers about this topic. Climate Fresk workshops unite employees around something that affects and should matter to all of us. So far, our employees have hosted nearly 50 workshops.

“My biggest takeaway [from Climate Fresk] was my personal carbon assessment, showing that I was consuming 12T/year, when I should be targeting 2T, which means I should make significant changes in my life habit if I am to comply.”
–Sascha, Chief Controlling Officer at Radiall

Proyecta 1000

Coralia is an RF&I Manufacturing Engineer at Radiall Obregon. She volunteers for Proyecta 1000 (Project 1000), an employee-led initiative to plant 1,000 trees throughout Obregon, Mexico. (Did you know that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to limit global warming?) Over 20 employees participate in this initiative. As a volunteer, Coralia attends group events and helps plant trees. So far, she has helped plant trees at a local dog shelter and in front of Radiall Obregon.

“Climate change is a big issue that is not being taken as seriously as it should, but it's there and it's getting worse. We need to commit to the Earth, start making changes in our lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.”
–Coralia, Proyecta 1000 Volunteer


Radiall is proud to be part of SpacEarth, an initiative that aims to disseminate a common vision of the space market to the general public and contribute to its sustainability. It explores how the space market impacts the environment and our daily lives, as well as the future challenges it may present. As we provide interconnect solutions to the space industry, we are committed to being mindful of the impact we are making on the environment—and doing everything we can to ensure that impact is positive.

From spreading awareness to making industry-wide changes, every step we take to preserve our planet makes a difference. Happy Earth Day! 

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