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Designed for Harsh Environments in Defense Avionics Bays

March 2024

Interconnection solutions are needed to form the mechanical and electrical interface between the avionics equipment box and the rack. 

Connectors and cables for avionics in mil-aero environments need to be able to withstand extreme conditions. When considering defense avionics racks, components need to be equipped with better robustness (high temperature range and humidity), vibration resistance (MIL-DTL 83527B), corrosion (+500h salt spray) and sealing (panel, interfacial and altitude immersion 50,000 ft) compared to civil avionics solutions. 

MPX Brings High Density and Reliability to Mil-Aero Applications

Radiall’s MPX offers a robust, high-density blind-mated product that answers all the requirements of the defense market in terms of performance and high-speed data rate thanks to fiber optics. 

For over 30 years, the MPX Series has been a ruggedized multicavity connector for Rack & Panel applications in the defense industry. Used in avionic bays on military airplanes and helicopters, airframe equipment (like radios, radar and calculators) and ground military vehicles, the MPX Series is the best solution for new implantation or retrofit in the defense market when high density, reliability and high-speed data rates are a concern. 

The series exhibits high conductivity, ruggedly withstands shock, vibration, temperatures extending from -65°C to +150°C, salt spray corrosion (500 hours), humidity (10 days) and 500 mating cycles.

Qualified according to MIL-DTL-83527B specification and EN3682 European standards, Radiall’s MPX series is also known as DoD-C-83527. As a ruggedized version of the Arinc 600, Radiall’s MPX series brings high density and robustness for civil and military aerospace needs when harsh environmental conditions are a concern.

In response to market demands for higher bandwidth, density and reliability, Radiall MPX connectors integrate Physical Contact (PC), Expanded Beam (EB) and Multifiber (MT based) optical solutions.

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