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Medical Connectors and Fiber Optic Solutions

August 2012

For years, Radiall has developed interconnect solutions for the medical market, specifically for MRI and patient monitoring applications. We were thrilled to expand our impact within this market with more fiber optic solutions when we acquired Timbercon in 2020. Together, we offer innovative interconnect and fiber optic solutions for the medical market. 

Medical Connectors

Our broad range of connectors feature components that are ideal for the medical industry, specifically in diagnostic imaging applications. In these applications, excellent image quality is a necessity. Radiall connectors guarantee error-free signal transmission for high resolution images. Click on a link below to learn more about Radiall’s medical connectors.

Radiall also designs connectors for medical applications like fiber optic oxygen sensors, intra aortic balloon catheters and laser treatments. These connectors are highly customizable to meet the specific requirements of your application. 

Medical Fiber Optic Solutions

Additionally, Timbercon offers a broad range of fiber optic solutions for medical devices. Their experience in fiber optics gives Radiall the opportunity to offer customers optical solutions that factor in sterilization, low ferromagnetic content and hybrid electro-optical cables and harnesses, all of which are critical in the medical industry.

Custom Interconnect Solutions

In the medical world, it is common to design medical devices without interconnect components in mind. This is understandable, but designing medical devices while considering fiber optic cables and connectivity can result in a better performing, longer lasting device. Our engineers can design custom interconnect and fiber optic solutions for your unique application. Instead of designing your device and then looking for the components that might work well with it, you can choose the best cables and connectors in the design stage to ensure that your device checks all the performance boxes and even exceeds expectations. 

We help medical customers overcome the most difficult problems in connector and fiber optic cable designs, and we are ready to help you tackle the unforeseen (and critical) issues that you will inevitably encounter when building medical devices. Contact us today for a quote, or book a virtual meeting with a Radiall expert to start the conversation about your custom solution.