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Imagine Blue with Radiall

mars 2021

Our purpose gives meaning to our actions and guides our efforts. As we've shared with you, Radiall cares deeply about Creating Connections That Matter. Our employees across the globe are committed to making the world a better place, one connection at a time. 

Blue represents the Radiall brand and its legacy of over 60 years of innovation. When we Imagine Blue, we ask how we can paint the world a little more blue, using Radiall's values and collective intelligence to leave a lasting impression. 

What does Imagine Blue mean to us?

It means working as one to positively impact the industries we serve and the communities around us. We listen to our customers, apply years of expertise and leverage the ingenuity and spirit of our global team to be a catalyst for change.

Imagine Blue challenges us to put our words into actions, moving from aspirations to concrete change for the common good. It is the way we look at the worldthrough a blue lensa lens of innovation, compassion and collaboration. Together, we will make an impact. 

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