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Radiall Frankfurt

June 2024

RADIALL GmbH, located in Rödermark, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a subsidiary of RADIALL S.A.


We're a corporate entity organized as a sales office. Led by a managing director, with key account managers in the field, internal sales assistants in the back office and an accounting and admin department, we take care of all Radiall customers in Germany and Austria serving the civil aerospace, Test & Measurement, space, defense, medical, transportation, telecom and industrial markets.

What sets Radiall GmbH in Germany apart is not just the product excellence, but also its dedication to fostering strong partnerships with customers. The company values collaboration and works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, providing customized solutions and unparalleled support to ensure their success.

We are proud to have established long-term partnerships with major corporations and market leaders in their segment, like Airbus, Hensoldt, Rohde & Schwarz, Liebherr, Bruker and many others.

Win with the Winners.

Further we are also supporting internal communications and marketing projects for European subsidiaries with our team.

Employee Highlights

RGmbH Summer Party: On June 14, RGmbH celebrated the annual summer party, with employees and a part of our pensioners. This year, we started sporty with a special art of miniature golf, called COBIGOLF (it’s a combination of the well-known mini golf and croquet). After this, it became a little more relaxed: we visited a winery. During a short sightseeing tour, we learned a lot about wine growing and the family business of the winery. Then we tasted a few glasses of wine and snacked on local delicacies.

“This year was very busy for the RGmbH, because of many employee changes (which is not usual for our subsidiary). We lost some colleagues on behalf of retirement, so some new colleagues joined our Radiall family in Germany. Also the growth of our Italian subsidiary was amazing. All these changes are a challenge to grow together and that's really exciting.” - Claudia Hochrein, Assistant of Managing Director and Internal Communication Manager Europe


Because of its excellent central position in Germany, Frankfurt is home to the biggest German airport. Some may know it as a central transport hub or transfer airport.


Frankfurt is a metropolis for futbol (soccer). The local Bundesliga soccer club is called Eintracht Frankfurt and is also internationally known (Europa League, etc.). The German Football Association (DFB) is also based in Frankfurt. It is the umbrella organization of 27 football associations in the Federal Republic of Germany, with almost 24,500 football clubs, and is a member of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). The stadium “Deutsche Bank Park” is also a venue as a part of the UEFA Euro 2024.


Frankfurt is one of the major cities in Germany with a decidedly multicultural society. As a sign of its commitment to European unification, Frankfurt has called itself a European City since 1998.

Frankfurt am Main is an international financial center, an important industrial, service and trade fair center, and is one of the world's economic cities. Frankfurt am Main is the headquarters of the European Central Bank, the German Bundesbank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

A special feature of the German city is the constantly growing high-rise skyline. Some striking skyscrapers are among the tallest in Europe. That's why Frankfurt am Main is sometimes ironically referred to as “Mainhattan.”

The city's historical landmarks are the Old Opera and the partially reconstructed ensemble of the old town.