La simplification est notre innovation

Radiall Château-Renault

June 2020

Château-Renault is located in the Centre Val de Loire region of France, which is known for its gorgeous and numerous castles. Radiall Château-Renault (CHR) is a center for product design, assembly, machining and molding.


A lot of activity takes place at Radiall CHR, including product design, product assembly, machining and molding. The products designed and assembled at Radiall CHR are primarily used in the aerospace, space and defense markets. One of our product designers, Bastien, shared about his role at Radiall CHR, "My role is to simplify the lives of our customers by increasing ingenuity and creativity. It’s a team effort by passionate people working for tomorrow’s world.”

Employees at this site came up with the idea of creativity rooms, called Eureka rooms. Intended to inspire employee innovation, each room features tools to stimulate team creativity, identify roadblocks and facilitate problem solving. 

Radiall CHR values its team of employees who are committed to excellency. Many employees have been with Radiall for years, and Alexandra has been part of the Radiall family for nearly her whole life! She shared a little bit of her story, “Both of my parents worked at Radiall Château-Renault, so my story with the site started when I was just 6 months old, at a Christmas party! I followed their steps and joined the company 21 years ago, but I made my own path here. I started with a temporary position in production, later became a planner and was promoted to MoveX Key User. I participated in the SAP migration at CHR, and now I work in Supply Chain Improvement. I created opportunities to explore and found the path that fits me.” 


The team at Radiall CHR is committed to helping local communities and organizations. Every October, they rally together for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Employees wear pink, teams attend workshops hosted by the Ligue contre le Cancer organization and various events are put on to spread awareness. 

Elles Bougent is another organization that employees from Radiall CHR partner with. Elles Bougent is dedicated to inspiring young girls to pursue careers in the industrial, technical and scientific fields. in 2020, the godmothers from Château-Renault shared their passions and personal work experiences with junior high school students.

Every year, Radiall CHR invites professors and their students to tour the facility so they can experience life at Radiall. Students learn about the industrial world, jobs, technical skills, office life and more. 



  • Being so close to Tours, Château-Renault was a very important historic center during the Renaissance, when Tours became the capital of France for a time. Thousands of castles were built between the 10th and the 15th centuries, and many renowned artists have lived in this region, including Leonard De Vinci.


  • TEDx events are organized in Tours every year; the 8th annual event took place in 2022. Eight regional, national or international speakers share their expertise on a specific topic. Since 2017, Radiall has been a partner of the TEDx Tours. Two of Radiall's employees is on the TEDx volunteer team responsible for finding and selecting the speakers.