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Low PIM Switches and Terminations

novembre 2021

Due to the continuous deployment of wireless communication systems, it is becoming critical to minimize interference between channels and systems that are operating simultaneously. Oftentimes, mixing multiple transmission frequencies in components with nonlinear characteristics creates interference. Additionally, poorly made passive intermodulation (PIM) components, such as cables, switches and connectors, can lead to performance limitations in wireless communication systems.

Radiall manufactures high quality, low PIM switches and terminations that minimize interference in various applications, including Test & Measurement RF boards, telecom equipment testing and PIM testing.

Radiall’s range of low PIM switches meets market demands created by the deployment of 4G/LTE and 5G networks. RAMSES SPDT, DPDT and SPnT low PIM switches fitted with N and SMA connectors are perfectly suited for RF test systems and test benches that require excellent passive intermodulation performance up to 18 GHz. They feature a guaranteed PIM performance of -160 dBc @ +43 dBm over a life span of 2 million switching cycles. These products are specifically designed for instrumentation and telecommunication applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Third order intermodulation guaranteed (IM3): -160 dBc @ +43 dBm (2 carriers 20 W)
  • Excellent RF performances and long life span (2 million cycles)
  • Based on modular RAMSES concept, 500 different part numbers

Radiall responded to market demands by introducing a low PIM termination range. This new range of low PIM terminations is perfectly suited for power testing telecom equipment that requires excellent passive intermodulation performance. Our low PIM terminations have two frequency ranges: 0.380 to 6,000 GHz and 0.380 to 2,700 GHz for 50 and 100 W. Available in both male and female interfaces, these terminations have two types of connections: NEX10 and 4.3/10. Type N connections are available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Very low PIM (typical: -165 dBc)
  • Excellent electrical characteristics in VSWR
  • High stability and repeatability of PIM characteristics
  • IP67 protection

Learn more about Radiall’s low PIM solutions. And if you have questions about our low PIM components or would like to request a custom solution, book a virtual meeting with one of our experts today.

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