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Non-magnetic RF Connectors for MRI Applications

August 2028

Radiall is one of the first coax connector manufacturers to produce high quality, guaranteed non-magnetic connectors. Having delivered millions of connectors and cable terminations since 1998, we are proud to support the medical industry with such solutions.

Our wide range of medical products includes non-magnetic coaxial connectors, non-magnetic cable assemblies and multiport and mixed contact assemblies. We support the demands of the medical market with standard and custom designs. From the design stage to post-installation support, we provide engineering expertise, prototypes with a short lead-time and pre-series components that are 100% built in-house. Our cost-effective manufacturing facilities make it possible to design and develop custom connectors for medical devices and ensure quality control at each step of the process.

We guarantee a relative distortion of a 1.5 T magnetic field in our products. Additionally, this distortion must be less than 5*10-7 (0.5 ppm) at a distance of 10 mm from the surface of the connector. This very low level of magnetic susceptibility (~10-5) means minimal distortion of the magnetic field.

MRI Applications

In medical imaging applications, magnetic fields must be as homogeneous as possible to obtain the best picture resolution (high signal-to-noise ratio). Quality non-magnetic RF connectors feature very low magnetic susceptibility, which helps provide images that are free of errors, shadows or spots.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is at the cutting edge of technology advancements. MRI systems are used worldwide in hospitals and imaging centers, and they provide high quality images with valuable diagnoses on a patient's health. MRI scanners rely on radio frequency waves. A powerful magnet generates a magnetic field to create a 3D view of the patient's body. 

Non-magnetic connectors connect RF transmitters and receivers inside the coils, which are subjected to a magnetic field inside MRI medical equipment. Furthermore, non-magnetic connectors transmit the RF signals received by the patient coils to the MRI system. They are used inside RF volume coils for whole-body imaging; they are also used inside RF surface coils for particular areas of the body. Multi-channel coils can have up to 32 surface coils. 

Radiall’s non-magnetic connectors, such as MMCX and SMP, support MRI technology. 

MMCX Connectors

These micro-miniature snap-on connectors are ideal for medical applications that require non-magnetic components. 


  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency range: DC ~ 6 GHz
  • Durability: 500 mating cycles
  • Temperature range: -55 °C +155 °C
  • Power rating at 1 GHz: 60 W in CW mode

SMP Connectors

Radiall introduced non-magnetic SMP connectors in the 2000s as a solution for high frequency blind mate applications, including MRI equipment.


  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Frequency range: DC ~ 40 GHz 
  • Durability:
    - Full detent: 100 mating cycles
    - Limited detent: 500 mating cycles
    - Smooth bore: 1,000 mating cycles
  • Power rating at 1 GHz: 100 W
  • Temperature range: -65 °C / +165 °C
  • Radial misalignment: +/-0.25 mm
  • Axial misalignment: 0/+0.25 mm (with fixed length adapters)
  • The use of spring loaded adapters enables larger axial tolerance

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