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Ruggedized Multi-Fiber Solution

juillet 2021

Radiall provides connectivity solutions for defense applications that require high density, high data rate and reliability. The Q-MTitanTM ARINC846 is a multi-fiber optical contact that can be used in several connectors, such as MIL-DTL-38999, QuickFusio, EPX and ARINC 600 to maintain excellent optical performance in harsh environments.

Q-MTitan™ ARINC 846

Designed specifically for high density and high data rate, Q-MTitan ARINC 846 has been qualified to be used in demanding environments. Its design protects a 12 or 24 channel MT ferrule and provides a sealed and rugged solution that fits in a variety of multipin connectors, including 38999, ARINC 600, QuickFusio and EN4644 EPX.

The Q-MTitan contact can be terminated on ruggedized cable for outside applications or ribbon fibers for inside equipment.

Radiall designs and builds harnesses with a variety of interconnect solutions and provides end-to-end solutions for harsh environments. Compatible with a wide variety of connectors and transceivers, Q-MTitanTM provides a minimum of 12 optical channels in a #8 Quadrax contact and can be used with Radiall’s 10 Gbps D-Lightsys® transceivers for an impressive data rate of 120 Gbps in a single contact.

Features & Benefits of Q-MTitan ARINC 846

  • Modular: fits in existing Quadrax cavities of COTS connectors
  • High density: 12 or 24 optical channels in a single optical contact
  • Ruggedized: qualified for harsh environments with high levels of shock and vibration (41.7 Grms)
  • Temperature range: -55 °C to +125 °C
  • Durability: 500 mating cycles
  • Cable retention: 68 N on round cable

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