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Innovative Solutions for Modular Avionics

January 2012

The concept of modular design often evokes images of cubic sections, all fitting together neatly into a single unit. Modular solutions are designed to meet efficiency requirements, create smoother interoperability and simplify the task at hand. This is certainly the case in the world of avionics. Modular avionic solutions offer a variety of benefits to the design, construction and functionality of aircraft, and in particular, to the Modular Avionics Unit (MAU). This part of an aircraft contains hardware that supports avionic network systems, and in order to keep weight down, density high and cost low, Radiall has designed innovative technologies to meet these needs. 

Radiall’s Lightweight Solutions

In response to the market demand for lighter and high modularity connectors, Radiall has developed a unique and reliable mix and match range of modular avionic solutions. These modular connectors provide a large amount of versatility in their contact range, material types and shell sizes. 

The EPX™ series is designed to meet the EN4644 European standard, and it has been recognized as the leading rectangular modular connector for use in commercial and business aircraft. The series provides incredibly versatile and flexible solutions that are made to cover applications such as disconnect panels, galleys and Line Replaceable Modules (LRM). It is also completely modular and the series includes connectors, inserts and contacts. 

Using our expertise, Radiall has designed cutting-edge technologies for modular and high-density electronic equipment, such as a long (175 mm) and thin (1 mm) one-piece connector shell, which is incredibly lightweight and allows for the implementation of complex features with fewer components, thereby also reducing both weight and cost. This connector shell has quick install features that simplify harness installation and maintenance, and it is equipped with high density, right-angled, press-fitted contacts packages in wafers that decrease electronic computer sizes, weight and manufacturing time. These solutions are just a few of Radiall’s next generation of modular avionic components that aim to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, now and in the future. 

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