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Free Space Contactless Connectivity with Solyneo

Radiall accelerates interconnect innovation with Solyneo

août 2020

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, and we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, Radiall recently acquired Solyneo, a French startup that specializes in producing prototypes of highly efficient and reliable free space power transmissions for harsh environments.

Radiall designs interconnect solutions without physical links for harsh environments. Our investment in Solyneo highlights our commitment to contactless connectivity and the development of solutions to help our customers with their power connection needs.

Adding Solyneo’s technology to Radiall’s free space, high-speed data transmission solutions will allow us to reach more applications. Solyneo's expertise will boost creativity for future contactless connectors.

Radiall will continue to accelerate innovation by building a contactless interconnect solution that covers a wide range of free space power and data transmission solutions. This new offering will revolutionize certain aspects of interconnect solutions and give customers a new way to create value.

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