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Coaxial Interconnect Solutions for Space

août 2021

Radiall offers a comprehensive range of coaxial interconnect solutions for space. From lower power attenuators to high power terminations, we have the expertise and capability to design end-to-end solutions for your applications. Learn about some of our products below.

Coaxial Connectors

We offer a wide range of 50 ohms coaxial connectors with a frequency range up to Q band. Our TNC line provides higher performance with a screw-on concept, as well as high power versions up to 8 GHz and a high frequency version up to 18 GHz. Our SMP microminiature interface is ideal for high frequency applications with great misalignment tolerances. The SMP-LOCK is fully compatible with the SMP interface and offers a secure connection, thanks to its robust locking system. We also offer male and female 2.4 mm interfaces with adapters up to 50 GHz.

Coaxial Attenuators

Our low power coaxial attenuators are ESA qualified. An SMA interface is available from DC to 22 GHz. SMA 2.9 interface is available up to 31.5 GHz. Finally, the SMP-LOCK interface is available from DC to 22 GHz.

Coaxial Terminations

Radiall offers high power and ESA qualified low power coaxial loads. The product offer includes the following low power loads: SMA, SMA 2.9, TNC and SMP/SMP-LOCK. It also includes high power SMA loads.

Coaxial Couplers and Dividers

We design passive couplers and power dividers that offer admissible power up to 200 WCW. The range includes directional couplers with low power SMA connectors or high power TNC connectors, hybrid couplers with SMA connectors, and 2 - 4 – 8 way dividers.

Flexible Coaxial Cable Assemblies

High performance, lightweight, low loss, high flexibility and high power coaxial cable assemblies are ideal for a variety of space solutions. Our product offer includes SHF 2.4MS, SHF 3MS, SHF 4.8MS, SHF 5MS, SHF 8MS and ESA QPL SHF 8MS assemblies.

Check out more of our interconnect solutions for space. If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about a custom solution for your space application, book a virtual meeting today.

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