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Modular, Circular and High Power Connectors for Railway Applications

avril 2021

Radiall designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of interconnect solutions for railway applications, including modular, circular and high power connectors. Learn more about each series below.


The GM connector series offers modular, flexible solutions for harsh environments. The connectors comply with all transit application requirements, and insulating materials comply with EN45545-2. Connectors in this series feature a bayonet coupling system with an IP67 rating (according to EN 60529). A rubber coated coupling nut offers damping protection against mechanical shock.

These connectors are ideal for railway equipment applications, including rolling stock, passenger controls, display systems, internet connections, networking, light controls and diagnostic support for brakes, motors and doors. They can also be used in energy applications, such as power distribution, utilities, mobile generators, load banks and backup power systems.

Features & Benefits

  • High grade efficiency shielding for each module’s EMI/RFI protection
  • Ethernet and data transmission (Cat. 7A Tested according to Trenitalia 376575, Cat. 7, 6A, 6, 5E, 5, MVB, RS485, WTB)
  • Each module is pneumatically sealed and installed in the shell
  • Shock vibration test (EN 61373): category 2, bogie mounted


The RF CVBS series, derived from MIL-DTL-5015 and VG95234 specs, has become a popular standard among railway connection applications. The circular connectors feature a bayonet coupling system composed of three ramps machined on the external side of the receptacle connector, as well as three stainless steel studs mounted inside the plug connector’s coupling nut. The coupling point at the end of the ramp is protected by a stainless steel roller that increases the number of mating cycles. The connector’s robust shell fully protects the contact from damage. 

These waterproof, dust proof and corrosion resistant connectors can resist vibration and impact, making them ideal for harsh environments. Their fast and reliable coupling make them extremely easy to install. They work in temperatures from -55 °C to 200 °C and in power connections up to 350 A. Radiall circular connectors are available in several shell versions as panel connectors or plug connectors and in a wide range of insulators. The contacts are available in crimp, solder or PCB versions.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy mating due to bayonet coupling system
  • Can be supplied with grounding finger for EMI protection
  • Standard gold plating crimp contacts suitable for the most commonly used copper wires


This series is composed of PWBS single pole connectors and CP multipole connectors for motor and power connections in railway applications. With a rating up to 1,000 A, they are suitable for harsh environments, car-to-car jumpers, power distribution and traction motors. The contacts are made of silver-plated, high copper content alloy and a multi-louver band system, featuring multiple contact points with very low resistance between two mating conductors. The waterproof connection is corrosion resistant and fire resistant. Alignment columns make coupling fast and reliable.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust connection due to the customized metal shell
  • Easy installation and mating due to the locking lever system and the mating screws
  • Qualified according to EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130

Read more about Radiall’s interconnect solutions for the railway industry. If you have questions about these solutions or would like to request a custom solution, book a virtual meeting with one of our experts today.

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