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Aerospace-Grade Interconnect Solutions for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

January 2032

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is defined by NASA as “an air transportation system that moves people and cargo between places previously not served or underserved by aviation—local, regional, intraregional, urbanusing revolutionary new aircraft that are only just now becoming possible.” 

The AAM field encompasses several applications, from Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and more. While the applications for AAM are varied, newer concepts such as UAM are gaining traction. This application will offer a fast, easy and new travel experience with zero emissions and minimum noise footprints thanks to novel rotors and electric motors. As an entirely new field in the transportation portfolio, UAM faces several challenges, such as:

  • Safety and security (regulation, certification, cybersecurity, traffic management)
  • Economics (infrastructure and affordability issues)
  • Demand for transportation (competitive modes and WTP)
  • Public acceptance
  • New technology development (electric propulsion, distance to cover, autonomous flight) 

However, in order to be economically successful and gain public acceptance, the AAM industry as a whole must prove its technical and commercial viability. One step in that process will be requiring certification. The use of aerospace-grade components in the vehicles to be used in UAM, for example, will not only increase their reliability and lifespan, but they will also guarantee that their quality and manufacturing has been certified in accordance with AS9100.

Radiall’s Aerospace Expertise

With more than 50 years of experience in the aerospace market, Radiall is AS9100 certified and offers a large range of lightweight and compact aerospace-grade interconnect solutions.

In order to guarantee that signal transmissions are immune to electromagnetic interference and to save weight by avoiding EMI shields, Radiall provides end-to-end fiber optic solutions, from the optoelectronic transmitter to the receiver, and our range includes optical connectors, cable assemblies and harnesses. Radiall’s optical expertise won fame thanks to its creation of the world’s smallest transceiver, which has been flying for more than 15 years,  and to the selection of Radiall’s aerospace-grade LuxCis® connector for the ARINC 801 standard.

Thanks to its ongoing innovation process, Radiall also offers multifiber optical interconnect solutions for increased density and better integration of the optical backbone. Our large range of RF aerospace-grade cable assemblies and harnesses includes low loss flexible, semi-rigid and hand-formable solutions to suit narrow spaces.

Radiall Products for AAM Applications

Radiall offers a complete RF link from the antenna to the electronic equipment, including RF connectors, RF cables assemblies and harnesses

SMP and SMPM Lock are ultra-miniature RF connectors, three times smaller than standard SMA/BMA. Flying for more than 10 years, these snap-on RF connectors are designed for strong vibration and shock environments, and cover frequencies up to 65 GHz.

QuickFusioTM , Quick Install Radiall™ and Quick Slim multipin solutions offer high density and lightweight connection in a snap and were widely used on the last Airbus and Boeing aircraft generations. Radiall’s know-how in high power technologies will support the design of wireless or wired connections for voltage networks up to 1000V DC and AC, and current up to 400 amps.

Radiall’s expertise stretches across a variety of fields; from high power technologies to communication applications and more, our experts can recommend a variety of products to overcome the challenges faced by AAM. Book a virtual meeting today