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A Culture of Global Customer Support & Recognition at Radiall

September 2030

We have been working with our customers to achieve success and enable the future since 1952. Our award-winning reputation and innovative solutions have helped us develop long standing relationships with customers around the globe. By ensuring timely communication with the customer, being available when questions arise and consistently delivering a high-quality product, our teams have created a culture of global customer support.

Why Customer Support is Critical

Connectors and cables often require technical expertise for proper installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Radiall teams around the world can provide technical assistance, helping customers understand product specifications, troubleshooting challenges and creating custom solutions when required.

In addition to the technical side, customer support plays a vital role in ensuring product quality and reliability. By promptly addressing customer concerns and feedback, manufacturers like Radiall can consistently provide quality products that meet customer needs.

Customer support also serves as a valuable channel for collecting feedback from end-users. Manufacturers can gather insights into customer preferences, pain points and suggestions for product improvement, helping innovate and stay ahead of market trends. This can even lead to new product development, as Radiall learns about upcoming needs for the markets we serve.

Overall, customer support is essential for a global connector and cable manufacturer to ensure product quality, enhance customer satisfaction, expand market presence, build brand reputation, gain a competitive advantage and gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Recent Awards

In recent years, Radiall has continued to receive recognition and awards from our customers around the world, for product performance, customer support and technical expertise.

  • Best Supplier of the Year 2023 from Bharat Electronics, Hyderabad
  • Excellent Supplier of the Year 2020 and 2021 from AVIC Hamilton Sundstrand Aviation Electric Co. Ltd. (AUAE) 
  • Supplier of the Year 2021 from Gulfstream
  • Global Gold Supplier 2021 from Huawei
  • Exceptional Partner Award 2020 from Harris
  • Performance Excellence Award 2019 from Boeing