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Responding to COVID-19

The coronavirus is impacting communities, companies and individuals around the world. Each day brings to light more information about the virus and its cure, and Radiall is doing everything we can to keep our employees and communities safe while meeting customer expectations. We plan to continue resuming as much activity as possible while following local government mandates and CDC recommendations. 

Below is a brief overview of the increased safety practices we have put in place to ensure everyone's health and wellness at work.

Working from Home
Wherever job functions allow, Radiall employees are working from home in order to continue supporting our customers and partners.

New Shifts
Several of our manufacturing facilities have implemented new shifts to reduce the number of employees present during a single shift. By having shifts around the clock, employees can continue to work and practice safer social distancing.

No Carpooling
We have asked employees who do not live in the same household to refrain from carpooling.

Safety Masks
We require all employees who are not working from home to wear safety masks while working. We have also donated several thousand masks to local medical entities in France.

3D-Printed Door Handles
At one of our facilities, a team of Radiall employees designed door handles with our in-house 3D printers to keep employees healthy. The innovative door handles allow employees to open the doors with their forearms, in order to keep their hands germ-free.

Social Distancing
At our manufacturing plants, employees must adhere to social distancing guidelines by maintaining the local government's suggested distance between each other. This applies when entering the building, scanning in and working on the floor. Additionally, we have closed or implemented stricter occupancy limits in communal areas in order to not exceed suggested capacities.

Frequent Sanitizing
Employees working on site have been asked to wash hands and disinfect their workstations frequently.

Radiall has been in business for over 60 years, and we have every confidence that we'll endure the current COVID-19 pandemic. We believe it is more important than ever to remember what connects us. As we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty, we will keep you updated on the status of our activity, as well as new steps we are taking to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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