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Radiall's D-Lightsys brand offers a new family of products which support very short reach Free-Space Optical communications (FSO). This unique solution is perfectly suitable for board-to-board, box to box or portable equipment communication. The design is compatible with misalignment tolerances above what electrical connectors typically offer.

The F-Light family of Free-Space Optical transceivers (FSO) are specially designed for board-to-board, box to box applications where large misalignment and/or vibrations are critical. F-light transmitters and receivers allow operating misalignment between two boards or boxes and are are around +/-1mm and +/-1°. The devices feature a small footprint (8x8mm) and are compatible with a bit rate from 100Mbps up to 5Gbps (a 10Gbps version - coming soon). Devices operate in the extended [-40;+90°C] temperature range and consume less than 100mW each.

Note: the design is compatible with automatic solder reflow and pick&place.

Main applications:

  • Board-to-board, box to box communication
  • Rotary Joint
  • Ruggedized portable/station contact-less communication
  • Displays

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