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Products Optical Connector

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      Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    F780905000 Pack of 100 sleeve holder cleaning sticks for multiplin connector with LuxCis cavities
    F780904000 Fiber wash cleaning pen
    F780903000 Pack of 50 optical face cleaning swab
    F780902000 Fiber optic cleaning platform for LuxCis
    F780899000 Fiber Microscope 200x/400x digital probe with hand held video display
    F780898000 Assembly barrel for digital probe (narrow long type)
    F780897000 Dynamometric screwdriver for LuxCis sleeve holder removal and installation
    F780891000 Tip for inspecting LuxCis APC end face with digital probe
    F780890000 Tip for inspecting LuxCis PC end face with digital probe
    F780889000 Fiber Microscope 200x/400x digital probe with USB connector (video display not included)
    F780880000 Cure adapter for LuxCis ARINC801 contact
    F780858000 LuxCis Key for quadrax sleeve holder removal
    F780850000 Tooling basic kit for LC connectors (220v)
    F780844000 Tooling basic kit for ST, FC & SC connectors (220v)
    F780827000 Bag of 10 polishing 0,3 µm films 216x140 C10 for LC connectors
    F780826000 Bag of 10 polishing 1 µm films 216x140 C10 for LC connectors
    F780825000 Bag of 10 polishing 3 µm films 216x140 C10 for LC connectors
    F780812000 Soft rubber polishing base for LC connectors
    F780811000 Waste container
    F780809000 Empty solvent dispenser
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